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"To connect and assist the community of Stanford Plastic Surgery, from alumni to current trainees and faculty."   

Zedplast has been formed to promote the development of plastic and reconstructive surgery medicine and increase the availability and usefulness of that field of medicine to the general public .

To achieve this general purposes, Zedplast engages in various fund raising activities and shall apply those funds towards the following specific activities:

  • Enhancement of the financial support for the training programs of medical schools, hospitals, and other medical institutions engaged in the plastic surgery field throughout the United States.
  • Sponsorship of various contests and competitions in which the academic and research performance of individuals working in the plastic surgery field is evaluated, and prizes or research grants are awarded.
  • Sponsorship of research grants to individual researchers in the plastic surgery and related medical fields.
  • Donation of funds to individuals and medical institutions who provide or will provide plastic and reconstructive surgical services to people generally deprived of such services on the basis of their economic status or location.
  • Sponsorship of educational meetings and seminars relating to plastic surgery medicine for the purpose of educating plastic surgeons and other medical doctors on the new techniques and developments in the plastic surgery field.
  • Sponsorship or participation in any activity or program that the Board of Directors of the corporation should determine, from time to time, to be an appropriate means to accomplish and promote the corporation's general purposes as set forth in Paragraph 1 of these by-laws.


Zedplast was founded in 1975 by Ronald Iverson, MD, Howard Holderness, MD and Richard Jobe MD. Dr’s Iverson and Holderness had graduated in 1973 from the Stanford Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr Jobe was in private practice in Los Altos and a clinical faculty member of the Division. The Division started in 1965 by Dr Chase did not have an alumni association, like many of the Plastic Surgery departments in the eastern United States. The name Zedplast was adopted. Dr. Chase and Dr. Laub agreed it would be the alumni association for Stanford Plastic Surgery. By-laws were written and appropriate forms were filed with the State of California to establish it as a California Non-Profit Corporation. 

 Joel Noe, MD a former resident at Stanford was practicing Plastic Surgery in Boston. 
He arranged the first Annual Meeting at the Harvard Faculty Club.

The first annual meeting was held in 1975. There has been an annual business meeting since this. The exception was 2020 when the meeting was canceled due to Covid 19. The meeting is usually held in connection with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons fall meeting. There is usually a social event for the alumni held on the day of the business meeting. Through the years the close association between the alumni in Zedplast and the Division of Stanford Plastic Surgery has evolved in many ways to support the residents in training. Zedplast also provides a mechanism by which the alumni remain in contact with each other and the Stanford Division of Plastic Surgery. The major programs for residents are outlined under Major Zedplast Programs, many of which are jointly sponsored by the Division of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Ronald Iverson has remained as the President of Zedplast since it was founded in 1975. The members of the Board of Directors are elected annually and they elect the officers. The By-laws were rewritten and adopted at the Annual Business meeting October 8, 2006 in San Francisco. Elected at this time were Dr. William McClure as the Secretary, Dr. Joshua Korman as Vice President/Treasurer and Dr. Ronald Iverson as President, all of whom still hold this office.

The Golden Anniversary (50 years) and the 40th Anniversary of Zedplast was celebrated in 2015. The 3 day event, which included alumni, faculty and resident presentations, was highlighted by the presentations of Robert Chase, MD who traveled from New Hampshire to join the festivities.


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